Our core belief is that good evidence is a fundamental component of high-quality teaching and learning. We are Evidence Based Education.

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What we do

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Research Support
We help teachers, school leaders and policy-makers to better understand research evidence, and use it to inform decision-making.
Our Research Support Partnerships are bespoke training programmes lasting two years which provide the knowledge, skills and tools to use research evidence and evaluation techniques to inform decision-making.
CEM Assessment Data
We provide cost-effective, sustainable training for your whole staff on CEM assessments (eg. InCAS, MidYIS and ALIS) and their data.
We help you make a sustained commitment to use valuable data from CEM assessments to their maximum effect. Enjoy cost-effective, responsive and flexible training, or come along to one of our workshops, and harness the full power of the data.
Assessment Academy
The Assessment Academy is a world-leading, world-first development, providing teachers with sustainable, affordable and flexible training on classroom assessment.
In conjunction with Professor Rob Coe at Durham University’s School of Education, Evidence Based Education is building a bridge between the research in assessment, and what happens in classrooms. For more detail on this work ...

The mission

Effective teaching leads to improved outcomes for students, but it requires high-quality professional development. At Evidence Based Education, we create high-quality professional development programmes focused on both improved teaching and better student outcomes. At the heart of what we do is evidence: our mission is to help schools become sophisticated in their use of high-quality evidence as a tool for decision-making.

We collaborate with teams of teachers and school leaders to develop and deliver sustained training and support on two key areas: research use and assessment; deliberately, our work is completely aligned to meet the requirements of the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development:

  1. Professional development should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes;
  2. Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise;
  3. Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge;
  4. Professional development programmes should be sustained over time;
  5. Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership.

We take our role in school improvement seriously. Working with us means that we will form a partnership with you, we will challenge you and be challenged by you, we will plan programmes with clarity about intended outcomes and plan how success will be evaluated.

The role of evidence in education is as clear to us as it is to Kevan Collins, the Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation: “If you’re not using evidence to inform your decisions, you must be using prejudice.”